Julius Caesar

All About History: Julius Caesar, 2nd Edition 2019

Overview: Julius Caesar, one of Ancient Rome’s most famous rulers and important names in the pages of history, was key in the development and growth of what we know today as the Roman Empire. The All About History Book of Julius Caesar will detail everything you need to know about the Roman general, from his personal relationships that caused major controversy, such as with Cleopatra, to the political campaigns that eventually lost him control over the Roman Republic and led to his tragic assassination at the hands of his own kin.

概述:Julius Caesar是古罗马历史上最着名的统治者和重要人物之一,是我们今天所知的罗马帝国发展和成长的关键。朱利叶斯凯撒历史书的全部内容将详细介绍罗马将军所需要知道的一切,从他引起重大争议的个人关系,如克利奥帕特拉,到最终使他无法控制罗马共和国的政治运动,导致他在自己亲属手中的悲惨暗杀。

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