11 Ways Financial Advisors Attract Their Ideal Clients With A Book

11 Ways Financial Advisors Attract Their Ideal Clients With A Book: How to Stand OUt In a Crowded Market and Dramatically Differentiate Yourself as The Authority, Celebrity and Expert by Adam Witty
English | November 1, 2013 | ISBN: 1599324547 | 132 pages | EPUB | 0.47 Mb

More Leads. Free Publicity. Speaking Opportunities. Ultimate Authority & Credibility.

This book teaches you how to quickly and easily use a book as rocket fuel to propel the growth and expansion of your business.
Inside, 11 financial advisors, who became authors, reveal how they have used their books to attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses as a result. You will learn:
• How Ann Vanderslice, President and CEO of Federal Retirement Planning Strategies, expanded her local business to a national enterprise in the span of one year with the help of her book. (Chapter 2)
• How Founder of Strategic Wealth Designers, Matt Dicken, uses his book to turn a “lukewarm lead” into a “hot lead” before meeting with potential clients, making first-time appointments more productive and successful. (Chapter 3)
• How Mike Canet, President & Founder of Prostatis Financial Advisors Group, leveraged his book to “create the aura of celebrity, credibility, and expertise” and appear in hundreds of journals, newspapers and major stations across the country – and doubled his income in the span of two
years. (Chapter 4)
• How CEO of First Financial Partners, Matt Zagula, promoted his book on national TV, creating a campaign that uncovered a new market for his business and generated a 7-figure rate of return. (Chapter 7)
• How Thomas Helbig, Founder & CEO of Retirement Advisory Group, found an easy way to write his book and turned his “struggling” business into a success that doubled his income in one year. (Chapter 12)

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  • [[暑假看書大優惠]充值單筆滿100送25,滿300送120,滿500送280。
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  • [[暑假看書大優惠]充值單筆滿100送25,滿300送120,滿500送280。
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