Simply Invest: Naked Truths to Grow Your Money [EPUB]

Simply Invest: Naked Truths to Grow Your Money by Goh Yang Chye

2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 981478561X | 9.28MB

A pioneer in financial planning in Singapore, Goh Yang Chye debunks several misconceptions, showing how so-called experts are no better than the average seven-year-old at picking stocks. Investing is simple; look at the evidence. He tells us why we shouldn’t trust the industry jargon and why cryptocurrencies are not a good investment; why Singapore’s love affair with property is a mistake; why the media always get it wrong; and how not to overreact. From understanding market cycles to knowing what exactly to ask your financial adviser, this book will teach you how to secure your financial future—and enjoy the journey!

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